Turn “Double Play” stocks into spectacular growth & income

the Wall Street Journal calls it;

 a quiet strategy with loud returns……

Dear Investor,

The largest contributor to Stanford University uses an elegant investment strategy backed by both data and common sense.

Over a 78-year period, a $500 stake in this simple, low-risk strategy produced an average return of $289,380 per year.

That’s not just some hot streak.

We’re talking about a long period of unprecedented triumph for “double play” stocks.  And based on some intensive research by  former U.S. Treasury official, Forbes columnist and Tiger Cub Partners founder Carl Delfeld, I believe it’s possible we could do even better.

Carl’s very first closed position was a 134.5% gain, over a period of just 43 days.

That’s enough to turn $10,000 into $23,450………without breaking a sweat

Keep in mind, the set of investments Carl has uncovered are easily the all-time best performers in the history of stock trading.

One longtime investor from the heartland of America generated returns of 60-to-1 between 1965 and today simply by using this strategy.

When asked why others didn’t do it, he responded, “I don’t know! It’s not about high IQ. It just doesn’t seem to resonate with some people and talking about it or showing them the performance/results won’t help.”

Another gentleman we followed using this strategy quadrupled his portfolio in four short years. He proclaimed the success of this strategy is precisely because others ignore it.

“It is impossible to produce a superior performance unless you do something different from the majority,” he says.

A Wharton finance professor confirmed this strategy produces “abnormal profits” and a joint Harvard/Yale study confirmed that these trades can be “extremely profitable”

The Wall Street Journal recently described this approach as “a quiet strategy with loud returns” that tripled S&P 500 returns since 1999.

Bottom line: nothing comes close in terms of pure profit potential to generate this magnitude of capital gains & income.

And I’m going to give you the chance to benefit from this situation.

From looking over what Carl has planned for the coming year, I have to admit I’ve never seen an opportunity as big as this.

So let me get right into the details…

The Best Investment Strategy Ever

When Carl first brought this strategy to my attention, he called it “the best investment strategy ever.”

Here’s why……..

1.              Superior Returns – Over one period lasting 78 years, just $1,000 invested once into this strategy’s best performers would have handed you a total return of $45,144,000. Divided over those 78 years, that’s a profit of $578,760 per year. And remember, that’s on a single $1,000 investment in year one. That’s simply breathtaking.

2.              Low-Risk with High Margin of Safety – Many of the world’s best investors swear by this technique for its safety & high dividend income. For instance, Warren Buffett uses this technique personally. His reasoning? “It’s not risky,” he says. 

Without question, this strategy gives you the best of both worlds. It’s perhaps the most conservative approach available, but it also offers the highest probability for outstanding returns.

In the weeks ahead, Carl will show you how you can bring in consistent sums of money using the strategy followed by the largest contributor to Stanford University.

Best of all, we’d like to offer you what amounts to six free months of this service.

I’ll get into how that will work in a moment, but first you probably want a few more details on this strategy.

In short, what we’re talking about here is a way to buy stocks for significantly less than what they’re worth. I’m talking about getting them at a 25%… 52%… or even a 66% discount to the company’s real value.

The best way to show you how this works is with an example:

Portrait of a Pineapple Tycoon

Imagine going from 9th grade dropout to pumping gas to billionaire tycoon.  

In many ways, David H. Murdock’s larger than life story is similar to many of the tycoons Carl has studied, with the end goal of unlocking their tremendous and surprising wealth secrets.

Murdock’s father was a travelling salesman and his mother worked hard to make ends meet. He dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and after service in World War II, moved to Detroit where he fell on hard times pumping gas and living above a service station. From there it was off to Arizona where he had great success in housing construction and commercial real estate. 

Looking further west led Murdock to Hawaii where he took over the ailing Castle & Cooke, the owner of Dole Foods. Theperception was that the company would go bankrupt. Murdock saw the <em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”” normal”=””>reality of Castle & Cooke’s unappreciated landholdings and the value of the Dole brand. 

He soon leveraged the company’s extensive real estate holdings into high end commercial projects and turned Dole into the world’s largest producer of fruits and vegetable building while controlling 98% of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii.

But last year the stock ran into a rough patch as investors overreacted to some lackluster earnings. 

Dole shares fell below $10 a share as investors ignored the company’s real estate holdings that are worth about $500 million. The stock was trading at around seven times earnings and the company’s break up value was over $17 – almost double the share price. In other words, at that time, if Dole liquidated its assets and simply handed the proceeds to investors, it would give shareholders a 78% profit.

Carl noticed that DOLE shares began a “double play” rebound as Murdock began buying shares again and the market began to recognize the stock was undervalued so he issued a trading alert. 

The result: a 36.9% gain in just 17 days. 

This formula is so simple and easy to follow that you don’t even need a ninth grade education to score big gains in a short time.  We all learned the principle as school children bouncing the ball at recess.  And this is why Carl calls his strategy, the Value Bounce.

Here it is in a nutshell. Find a quality company with shares selling at less than the company’s break up value, wait for the shares to begin to “bounce”, and than purchase the shares as the value is recognized by the market. 

The “double play” comes about as the companies true earnings potential is recognized by the market and as institutional investors catch on and pay a higher multiple for those higher earnings.

Here is an example. Assume a stock is earning $2 a share and selling for $16, or eight times earnings. As the company turns around and earnings go to $3 a share, the shares get bid up to twelve times those earnings or $36 a share. So earnings have gone up 50% but the stock has more than doubled.

The key is discovering hidden value – finding stock that can be purchased for less than the value of the underlying assets held by the company. There are several reasons why this situation could come about. The stock could have had a couple of bad quarters or in a sector that is out of favor but otherwise has a stellar record. The stock could be misunderstood or perhaps under an unjustified cloud.

This is also the strategy of the largest contributor to Stanford University who puts it this way: “You make your money when you buy…………you buy it at a very advantageous price”

Avoid the “Dead Money” Trap by Turning Value into Growth

By purchasing shares worth less than the hard assets the company holds – you give yourself huge upside potential with very little downside risk.  

But you need to do your homework and this is where Carl’s experience as a corporate and investment banker is helpful. He can evaluate a company’s financial situation and understand just why a stock is trading below its real value. The next step is to figure out what events will “unlock” this hidden value. Carl prefers to find and confirm several catalysts and then see the stock begin an uptrend – to begin to bounce – before issuing a trading alert.

And that’s exactly what happened with Dole.

The stock was sharply undervalued. The company was profitable and in good shape. Dole’s management sold some assets to reduce debt and focus more on core business segments leading to better earnings prospects. And naturally, within just a few weeks, it closed this gap by surging 36.9%. All the pressure was on the stock to “bounce” back to its real value.

The amazing thing is that this situation can be repeated time and time again.

At any given time, there are a select group of financially strong stocks trading considerably below cost. And pinpointing them can give you rapid and safe returns in the market.

Now, usually it takes more than just a few weeks, but the gains are also bigger.

Carl saw that the “Merrill Lynch of Japan” Nomura was trading last June at about half its $24 billion break up value just as Japan’s stock market began to trend upward. Carl immediately sent out a trading alert telling members to buy Nomura.

The result: a 137% “value bounce” in less than seven months.

Last November, Carl noticed that Royal Gold (RGLD) was trading at levels way below the value of its gold and silver reserves and sent out another trading alert to members.

The result: a 47.9% “value bounce” in less than four months.

Sprint Nextel was also trading below cost and bounced 193% higher less than a year later..

Carl tells me he can find up to a couple of dozen of these types of situations throughout the year.

The point is… If you look for the select group of quality companies trading below cost, you can absolutely beat the market in a big way with very low downside risk. That’s exactly what Carl does with his Value Bounce advisory service. Going forward, he’ll let you know the moment certain stocks are in perfect position to bounce back up to their full values.

Consider… that first gain already could have turned $10,000 into $23,450. And the holding time on that play was just 17 days.

Just imagine how much you could’ve made if you looked for stocks trading below cost.  That’s the power of buying stocks below cost. They can completely transform the value of your portfolio even if you only use them in a small portion of your holdings.

How to Make Carl Icahn & “Insider” Investors Your Business Partners

There is another powerful advantage that comes with Carl’s Value Bounce strategy of investing in companies trading at steep discounts to real value. These are precisely the situations that attract shrewd shareholder activists and “insider” investors.

When they see deeply undervalued quality stocks, they pounce. 

After shareholder activists like Carl Icahn take a sizable stake in an undervalued company, they then go to work battling the board to take steps to unlock this value for shareholders like you.

Carl’s job is to get there first. This way you’re the beneficiary from corporate reforms, new management, or breaking up a company. Either way, your position will jump. This is why Icahn is the richest man on Wall Street – worth $24.5 billion. 

And just who do you think has the best information on when a stock is selling way below its market value and is ready to rebound? Insider investors such as the company’s CEO, Chief Financial Officer, board members and the company’s investment bankers. Carl’s research shows that when these inside investors place big bets on their stock, it is poised to make a big bounce. 

According to Carl, “insiders” buying sizable amounts of their own stock is perhaps the best indication of a great value opportunity. Perhaps the best investor of our generation, Fidelity’s Peter Lynch agrees putting it this way:

“There is no better tip-off to the probable success of a stock” than heavy insider buying.  

When heavy insider buying began in the undervalued stock of Bank of America, it surged 318% in just 63 days.

Let Carl’s research help you ride the coattails of these “insider” investors who naturally have the best information on when their company’s stock is trading way below its true value. 

Dozens of double play “Value Bounce” Opportunities All Year Long…………

On any given day, there are at least a couple profitable companies in this unusual position of trading for less than the underlying value of the company’s assets.

It just happens sometimes when Wall Street traders ignore these less exciting companies. They forget the very best buys are often profitable companies in “boring” or “out of favor” industries, like Dole and its fruit and vegetables. A company like Dole happily continues to churn out cash, but it never makes big splashy headlines.

Of course, eventually even Wall Street notices and these companies bounce back up to their market values. But as Carl points out, if we get in just as the stock begins its bounce, we can make a bundle of money over and over again.

With the Value Bounce Alert, Carl will recommend two of these situations every month. Carl will inform you any time a strong company with good fundamentals is trading below break up value and, even better, when he can find catalysts that will unlock its real value. 

That way you can go from one to the next, collecting dozens of big winners as they bounce back up to their market values throughout the year. I don’t think there could be a more powerful investment strategy to help us with this goal. Study after study proves that buying stocks below break up value, vastly outperforms the market.

Royce Funds Research, for example, did a study going back to 1978, which determined that these deep value stocks outperformed growth stocks by a 3-to-1 margin over that span.

A report in Kiplinger’s determined that these deep value stocks have outperformed the market for the last 81 years.

Perhaps the Journal of Business and Financial Affairs sums it up best…

“They outperform when the markets go down and when they go up, and in good and bad times and when news is good and when it is bad. And they do all this without having higher risk.”

Buying stocks below cost is the favored strategy of almost every one of the world’s most successful tycoon investors…

Tycoon Investor’s Swear by This………..Shouldn’t You As Well?

Since 1965, Warren Buffett has beaten the market by a 60-to-1 margin.

How does he do it?

Warren Buffett says he realized he was going to be rich very early on in his career. It was during his honeymoon out West that he figured it out:

“When I visited the casino and saw all these smart well-dressed people participating in a game with the odds against them, it was then that I realized I won’t have a problem getting rich!”

Buffett realized that Wall Street works the same way. 

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult,” he says.

So Buffett did the opposite. He looked for companies trading at steep discounts to their real value. He did his homework, made sure they were financially strong, and positive earnings.

Then he bought them, waiting for the market to recognize his foresight.

Buffett’s record using this strategy is mind boggling. Over one 13-year period, for instance, he averaged an annual gain of 29.5% without even one losing year.

But why don’t regular investors just don’t seem to follow his lead?

“I am also puzzled by why [this technique] hasn’t caught on,” he says. “People just don’t want to believe. They elect things that are emotionally satisfying. Even if you show them the results, they still don’t believe you.”

But while regular folks often ignore Buffett’s secret, the truly street-smart investors certainly don’t.

Bill Miller, for example, uses this technique of buying stocks at below cost. His fund has grown from $750 million in 1990 to $20 billion by 2006 as a result. John Templeton once famously used this technique to quadruple his personal portfolio in just four years.

It seems amazing that people would ignore the proven technique of the world’s richest investors, but for some reason, they just keep doing it. And that’s exactly why Carl decided to create the <em “mso-bidi-font-style:=”” normal”=””>Value Bounce.

The best part of the Value Bounce strategy is the risk is so low. When you buy stocks this way, you already know the underlying value of the company is higher than the current price.

Here are some comments by our members:

“I’ve been in the investment field for over 13 yrs and I don’t like to read stuff from many, but you are another story. Keep up your good work. You make a lot of sense.”
– Adam W.
“Great reading, very interesting & a lot of common sense!! ”
– Aidan F.
“Your service is first class and your global approach has been very profitable to me. ”
– Conrad F.
“Carl’s advice has been worth every penny”
– Juliann Sivulka
“I am profiting both literally and figuratively from your keen insights.”
– David Horwich
“Your selections are excellent. I believe what separates your service from all the others is your experience with global investing – your service has saved me a lot of time”
– Michael McCarthy
“I will soon be giving each of my ten grandchildren gifts and am inclined to set them up with your global portfolio.”
– Howard Chilton
“You are really taking an international, strategic and sensible low-cost view of investing”
– Ernest Porter
“Thanks for the straightforward, simple approach rather than the usual gobbledygook”
– Malcolm Ward

Let me now briefly sum up what makes The Value Bounce Alert so special.

Summing up the Five Steps of the Value Bounce System

Scour the world for double play value opportunities

Check basic company fundamentals

Identify catalysts that will unlock value

Wait for a “bounce” uptrend in share price demonstrating momentum as catalysts kick in and market recognizes value

Manage risk: 15%-20% trailing stop loss to minimize downside and lock in capital gains

And don’t forget that Carl can target the most attractive large cap or small-cap “deep value” stocks in the world, giving you maximum opportunities to double your money over short periods.

So how do you get Carl’s next recommendation?

Get Started Right Now…………

Right now, Carl is looking at a global energy company that fits the Value Bounce strategy perfectly.

The company is trading at just half its break up value, at 55% of annual sales, and at only 5.6 times earnings. And the company is making money – $1.70 per share in 2013 – and delivers a nice 3.4% dividend yield. The stock is trading at a five-year low and is beginning to trend upwards. Costs are declining and production is rising.

Believe me – you don’t want to miss this one.

Just let me know, and I’ll get you set up to receive this recommendation right now.

You’ll want to follow Carl’s alerts carefully. He lays everything out in a very straightforward manner, giving you the details of the situation, the company financials, and the entry point you want to take.

In other words, he’ll give you all the tools needed to get in before these companies produce the biggest gains.

So how can you receive six free months of Carl’s service?

A Special Opportunity for New Members…….Save over $500

Think about it… If you have the opportunity to generate upward of $100k this year, you probably wouldn’t mind paying the $1,000 annual fee for this service.

An investment of $10,000 in the very first closed position would have handed you enough profit to cover the cost more than six times over. And that’s just one of the moves. If you did that say five times in a year, your profits would make the cost to join look like chump change.

Considering that, I actually think the $1,000 annual fee would be quite fair.

However, Carl thought this price, while fair, would discourage some people from trying it. 

That’s why one full year of The Value Bounce Alert will cost you much less.

Risk-Free Trial, 50% Discount Offer

Should you choose to accept my invitation today, I’m prepared to make this offer even better.

Rather than pay $1,000 you will pay only $495 for a full year of membership.

This means a price of only $1.33 a day – less than a decent cup of coffee.

It’s important that you realize we will never make this available so cheaply again.

And as always, our satisfaction guarantee applies to this service. If you go ahead and become a new subscriber today, you’ll have 30 days to try out The Value Bounce for yourself. And if, during that time, you don’t find that it’s the easiest and fastest way to achieve increased returns and less risk, then we’ll refund your membership fee at 30 days.

After you join in the next few minutes, we’ll immediately send you your first recommendation so you can get started right away.

So let me sum up everything for you…

Everything You’ll Get

Here’s what you’ll receive as a new subscriber of The Value Bounce Alert:

Carl’s Latest Recommendation: This company is trading at just half its break up value, at 55% of annual sales, and at only 5.6% times earnings. And the company is making money, $1.70 per share in 2013 – and also delivers a nice 3.4% dividend yield. The stock is trading at a five-year low and is beginning to trend upwards. Costs are declining and production is rising.

Believe me – you don’t want to miss this one.

• Approximately 24 Opportunities per Year: Each year, there are about 24 companies that meet the criteria Carl requires before making a recommendation. Remember, the company has to be selling below break up value. It has to be financially strong. And it needs to be profitable. The moment Carl uncovers one of these situations, he’ll send it out to you when its beginning to bounce. After that, he’ll give you instructions on when to take profits. It’s really quite simple to follow, as you’ll soon see.

• Updates on All Positions: Between recommendations, you’ll receive Carl’s update on each situation in the Value Bounceportfolio, tracking its movement, and letting you know about anything important happening at the company. He also often tells subscribers when to take profits. One of the things he likes to do, which I think is really smart, is once the stock has produced a nice profit; he’ll recommend selling a portion of the position to pocket your initial stake. That way you’re then playing with house money.

And join us at the Grand Del Mar for our annual investment summit

Every February, we gather at the Grand Del Mar in sunny San Diego for our annual summit. Hear distinguished guest speakers and presentations by Carl Delfeld on the best ideas and the breaking economic, political and financial trends.

Profit from three Complementary Free Confidential Reports ($295 Value)

And to sweeten the deal, for just trying the Value Bounce, I will send you immediately for FREE, Carl’s 134 page Brains, Billions & Booms ($50 value) confidential report containing 62 sweet money-making ideas from across the world.  Find out why investing in timber is better than gold and how to invest in the billionaire portfolio, the new Starbucks, the sweet spot of the Pacific century, multinationals on steroids, profitable monopolies, and a company where robots are making robots.  Learn how to supersize your dividends and how to protect your portfolio in volatile markets and much, much more.

In addition, if you act today, I’ll send  you my ten page special report, The Hidden Value of Pink Sheet Blue Chips ($50 value). This report highlights a group of blue chip stocks that have outperformed regular stocks by more than 250% that Wall Street totally ignores.

Finally, join today to profit from Carl’s China Skeptic: Seven Troubling Trends ($195 value). This 58 page special report explains why Chinese stocks are trading 9.6% below where they were five years ago and prospects going forward. Learn what is the safest way to play a potential China rebound and minimize risk.

There’s no doubt in my mind that these reports could end up generating quite a bit of income and capital gains for you.

Here is what Steve Forbes had to say about the advice in Carl’s latest book: “Carl’s perspective is truly unique and insightful in understanding the global economy and the geopolitical situation today………….. And Larry Kudlow adds that “Carl’s conservative blueprint to renew America’s prosperity is right on the money”

Just go ahead and sign up now… We’ll send you Carl’s next alert.  And then begin sending you update’s with a review of current positions. Sound good?

I hope you’re as excited about Carl’s new research service as I am.

Just click here to join now or call us at 800.250.9657 to get started turning value into growth today. But I do recommend you do so quickly. We have a limited amount of space in this service.

Best regards,

Marilou Almelor
Associate Publisher, The Value Bounce   


Or call us at 1-800-250-9657

P.S. it’s important to note that you’ll have 30 days following signing up to decide if this new service is everything I claim it to be. During that time, you should receive around a few opportunities to profit. Go ahead and try them out. 
See if this strategy works for you. I think you’re going to be quite pleased when it does.

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