Flooring Store Dallas: Basic Things You Need To Know About Flooring Industry


Let us say that you are a project manager of a housing project. Your client wants to have an exceptional finish on his/her house and he/she asked you: “What would you recommend to add in the existing newly constructed house, to make it more elegant?”.  You paused for a moment and you remember that there is a new trend today about the floor finishing services, thus you tell your client about it. After telling your client about it, he/she tasked you to know more and research more about this flooring industry, thus begins your journey. For this article, it will focus on the things that you should know about flooring industries and their services.

If you are interested about the topic itself, you might want to look into companies that offer this type of services. You might want to start google searching the following key words: Flooring Store Dallas. For the next section, it will provide you with the trends, statistics and services that are linked to flooring industries.

Things to remember about flooring industry

For a little bit of a background, flooring industry is defined as a group of individuals, company, stores, etc. that focuses on installation and maintenance of various floorings and complement fixtures. They also offers consultation and other services that are related to floorings. Listed below are some of the happenings and statistics about the flooring industry.

  • Applications of services are for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Some of the several floorings that the industry offers include resilient flooring, non-resilient flooring, soft covering and seamless flooring.
  • By 2020, the industry will reach a net value of 331.78 billion dollars because of the upcoming and ongoing construction projects.
  • Asia-pacific accounted for the 40% of the existing total flooring industry. Some the other key country players include US, Australia, Europe, China and UK.

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