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How I Finally Broke the Tycoon Code

My name is Carl Delfeld and I have always had a deep interest to understand the secrets of investing success. This is why I went to Japan during the height of its “economic miracle”, to London during Thatcher’s “economic revolution”, and to Southeast Asia as the “Asian Tigers” roared.

Regrettably, it took me 30 years to break the tycoon code. This is the amount of time I have been in the global investment business as a banker, institutional broker, U.S. Treasury consultant, diplomat, venture capitalist, Forbes columnist, private equity advisor and financial publisher. Why did it take me so long to figure it out? Because the tycoon strategy is the opposite of what the investment community, gurus, and the financial media preach to us every day.

My journey began as an international banker and next, as a Vice President & Director, Asia-Pacific with the investment bank Robert W. Baird, I was an advisor to banks, life insurance companies and pension funds in Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney. I also picked stocks for the legendary global hedge fund titan Julian Robertson of Tiger Management. Then, I became a counselor on emerging finance and investment with both the U.S. Senate Finance Committee and the U.S. Treasury. This gave me the opportunity to meet the powerbrokers and foreign diplomats of Washington leading to an appointment by Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady to be a U.S. Representative to the Asian Bank in Manila, Philippines.

While serving on the bank’s executive board of directors, I met many tycoons while leading investment missions across the region. We also launched a series of mutual, private equity and venture capital funds firms so private capital could play a leading role in promoting growth. I also competed and lost to new tycoons throughout the region – taking careful note of their winning attitudes, strategies and successes.

I’ll admit it, after getting thrown out of Manila after the 1992 election; it took me a while to get used to life without a driver, cook and maid. I co-founded and became CFO of Honolulu-based venture capital-backed Pacifica Group, founded the equity research & strategy firm Chartwell Pacific, was chairman of the Hong Kong Pension Summit and serve as an advisor to Frontier Asia and the frontier private equity firm, Leopard Capital. I was also appointed to the U.S. National Committee on Pacific Economic Cooperation and became a columnist with Forbes Asia.

I’m also constantly expanding what I call my new tycoon network. While my experience, international travel and research is helpful in uncovering investment opportunities poised to bounce, imagine this multiplied many times over. 

This is the rationale for my private & confidential network I call the new tycoon network. A key benefit of this network is that not everyone thinks the same. This clash of opinions sharpens thinking and decision-making. I’m not a namedropper but this intelligence network includes budding tycoons, leaders of companies and foreign embassies. Others are top-ranked economists and strategists, partners in private equity, global hedge funds and investment banking in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

No question about it – there will be plenty of ways smart and savvy investors will be able to get a piece of this action. But approaching these new markets the right way is the key to success of the new tycoons. These new tycoons share some powerful investment traits that you can learn to follow.